Dianne Roberson


I am entering a new stage in my recovery. I feel the need to undate my photo to reflect my changing physical and mental strength. My recovery from cancer is still not complete, however so much has happened in the year that has passed since my first chemo and I am finally on my uphill climb.



Cancer Left Me Thin But Very Week

  Cancer left me thin but very week.  This is my before photo.  After cancer and before I began to exercise and work for good health.  I still have my chemo port in my chest and must have more test this month.  The road to recovery is long.  This wig and makeup hide an emotionally and physically damaged old woman but I must face the world showing my best  when I can so that my best will come true.

Chemo kills your good cells as well as the bad cells because of chemo and my great doctors at Mat-Su Regional Hospital, I am alive.  My grateful thanks to Dr. John Oliver, Dr. Larry Lawson, and their wonderful nurses.


Dianne Roberson